Board of Directors


Mark A. Rhea, Artistic Chair
Virginia Riehl, Executive Chair
Roberta Milman, Secretary


Holly Hassett
Roberta Milman
Virginia Riehl
Mark A. Rhea
Susan Marie Rhea
Ann Speicher
Kenn Speicher


Jimmy Fagan

Emeritus Members

Donald E. Wright, Executive Chair, emeritus
Stan Shulman
Carol Hood Baker, Managing Director, emeritus
Bruce Lugn
Beth Felty
James Felty
Ingrid Helvig
Nancy Childress
Audrey Benson
Jane Hanson
Trudi Olivetti
Alison Sheahan

Special Thanks to our Major Donors

We would like to thank the following individuals, who have made major donations in support of the IN GOOD COMPANY campaign.

Carol & Jay Baker

John & Marge Bernbaum

Cathleen Blanton

Jay & Whitney Donaldson

Betty & Bracket Edmiston

Coralie Farlee

Holly Hassett

Sharon & Peter Kissel

Edward T. Lis, Jr.

Roberta & Greg Milman

Erin Nugent

Trudi Olivetti

Jon & Kelly Peacock

Jane & Kevin Petkofsky

Ruth Petkofsky

Mark & Susan Rhea

Virginia Riehl

Stan & Paulette Schulman

Bernard & Alison Sheahan

Kenn & Ann Speicher

Joel Wind & Al Munzer

Donald Wright

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