The Company


Mark A. Rhea, Producing Artistic Director

Virginia Riehl, Executive Chair
Susan Marie Rhea, Associate Artistic Director

Christina A. Coakley, Director of Administration and Casting

Michael Innocenti, Production Manager
Colin Smith, Facilities Manager

Peter Finnegan, Capital Campaign Manager

Jeff Klein, Media Relations, Box Office, and Donor Management

Sheri S. Herren, Company Manager

Rich Ching, IT Manager

Nikki Hoffpauir, Krooth & Altman LLP, General Counsel

Donald Wright, Executive Director Emeritus*
Carol Hood BakerManaging Director Emeritus


Kevin Adams
Charlotte Akin
Tony Angelini
Carol Hood Baker
Kurt Boehm
Rich Ching
Christina A. Coakley
Eamon Coy
Dan Deiter
Peter Finnegan
Shadia Hafiz
Kevin Hasser
Sheri S. Herren*
Michael Innocenti
Dave Jourdan
Matthew Keenan
Mike Kozemchak
Robert Leembruggen
Brianna Letourneau
Eric Lucas*
George Lucas
Kerry Waters Lucas
Timothy Lynch
Dan Martin
Craig Miller
Rich Montgomery
Erin Nugent
Jake Null
Trudi Olivetti
Kelly Peacock
Jane Petkofsky
Kerri Rambow
Mark A. Rhea*
Susan Marie Rhea
Jennifer Richter
Alexis J. Rose
Stan Shulman
Bradley Foster Smith
Colin Smith
Josh Sticklin
Robbie Teague
Megan Thrift
Mick Tinder
Jon Townson
Allan Sean Weeks
Katrina Wiskup

*founding member

Satellite Company Members

Joe Baker
Larissa Gallagher
Linda High
John Robert Keena
Daniel Lyons
Lauren Miller


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