Reviews October 28, 2011


Keegan Theatre is the perfect venue for “The Crucible”, a play in which one man’s infidelity causes a spurned young woman to manipulate the religious fervor of her community for personal gain by accusing residents of the town of witchcraft. As the play progresses, characters charged with consorting with the devil are declared damned for

Reviews October 26, 2011

Washingtonian: THE CRUCIBLE

Arthur Miller’s enduring take on the contagion of hysteria gets a successful staging. Mean girls in the 21st century have a lot to learn from Abigail Williams. As the spiteful ringleader of the snowballing witch hunt at the center of Arthur Miller’s classic parable, The Crucible (now playing at the Keegan Theatre at Church Street),

Reviews October 26, 2011

DC Theatre Scene: THE CRUCIBLE

Director Susan Marie Rhea is quite commendable … she chooses to let the cast do the work and draws the best performance she can. You will find visual and dramatic beauty in this production … Rhea’s placement and the performances of her actors make for visuals that look like they were painted by a 1960’s

Reviews October 26, 2011

Washington Post: THE CRUCIBLE

The Salem witch trials are a strange, shadowy part of our past: Was that really us, burning those accused of invisible crimes, stringing up suspicious women on trees, hanging them from the branches like Christmas ornaments? What’s especially bizarre about “The Crucible,” Arthur Miller’s dramatization of that time and place, is that the power lies

Reviews October 26, 2011

MD Theatre Guide: THE CRUCIBLE

Arthur Miller’s classic retelling of the 17th-Century Salem witch trials comes to life in DC at The Keegan Theater’s spine-tingling production of The Crucible. Every breathtaking moment of this hauntingly unforgettable show forces the viewer to ask themselves several important questions – and form a true opinion of ones own character by the end of the

Reviews October 25, 2011

Metro Weekly: THE CRUCIBLE

WE MAY NOT BE KILLING women accused of witchcraft today, and we may not condemn people for not going to church, or for not professing faith publicly. Thank God. But Arthur Miller’s classic play The Crucible, focused on the Salem witch trials from over 300 years ago, is still relevant. There are still factions of

Press Releases October 24, 2011


KEEGAN SET FOR U.S. RUN OF THE CRUCIBLE Opening October 22 at Church Street Theater October 6, 2011: The Keegan Theatre kicks off their 15th Anniversary season with Arthur Miller’s masterpiece The Crucible.  Off a successful 3 week tour of Ireland, The Crucible opens October 22, 2011, at the Church Street Theater. The Crucible, a

Ireland Tour October 6, 2011

Last but Not Least…

Cheever’s Journey, or, An Idiot Abroad (a poem by Bradley Foster Smith): In Atlanta was I stranded / Soaked to the bone in Galway / In Kilkenny locked out of the pub / Vomited at Wallslough Village / Cracked my laughing head against the living room table and / Gouged my fingers on the bathroom lock at Isaac’s Hotel in Cork City …

Ireland Tour October 4, 2011

A Post-Mortem from Tituba…

Thirty days ago, we began our journey. For several of us it was familiar territory. Returning to a favorite pub or café, recalling an old memory from Tours past. For the remaining ten of us, a whole new adventure awaited. New territories, new cultures and new memories are to be made. For me, the Ireland

Ireland Tour September 30, 2011

A note from Sarah Good…

We are in our final location at the Everyman Theater in Cork.  This stage is a perfect relic of the music hall era.  All ornate gold and red velvet.  Charlie Chaplin once played here.    It is the smallest stage on our trip and a few more blocking adjustments were needed as we moved in.    We

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