Reviews August 12, 2016

DC Metro Theatre Arts: The Lonesome West

Director Mark A. Rhea knows what he wants to do with The Lonesome West. He’s got hip contemporary music, dancing scene changers that give the audience a show, and the occasional voice-over to punctuate proceedings.

Reviews August 12, 2016

Broadway World: The Lonesome West

Rhea has assembled a stellar cast … Keegan Theatre’s production of The Lonesome West should be truly satisfying, especially now that the dog days of summer are upon us.

Reviews August 12, 2016

Wall Street Journal: The Lonesome West

This production, directed by Mark A. Rhea, the Keegan’s founder, leaves nothing whatsoever to be desired. It’s serious when it needs to be and funny the rest of the time, and the members of the cast make music out of Mr. McDonagh’s raucous dialogue. This staging was as convincing as anything I’ve seen at New York’s Irish Repertory Theatre.

Reviews August 10, 2016

A Beast in a Jungle: The Lonesome West

The play wraps up the company’s 19th season — it was my first visit to the surprisingly comfortable theater off Dupont Circle, but it won’t be the last. See it.

Reviews August 10, 2016

The Washington Post: The Lonesome West

Never underestimate the power of tonal contrast. Much of Martin McDonagh’s black comedy “The Lonesome West” depicts the simmering hostility between two Irish brothers: Coleman and Valene Connor have long indulged in outrages that include threats, blackmail, violent brawling, streams of profanity and the malicious mistreatment of potato chips. It’s misbehavior rendered amusingly in the Keegan Theatre’s lively staging of the play.

Reviews August 10, 2016

DC Theatre Scene: The Lonesome West

The Lonesome West is at bottom a character study, and Keenan and Smith create two characters so delicious in their detestability that you will be a long time forgetting them.

Reviews August 10, 2016

DC Metro Theatre Arts: The Lonesome West

Do not miss Keegan Theatre’s scintillating and thrilling production of The Lonesome West!. The Keegan Theatre has produced an emotional, subversive, and darkly comic masterpiece!

Press Releases July 20, 2016

Martin McDonagh’s The Lonesome West Opens August 6

The Keegan Theatre closes out its record-breaking 19th season with Martin McDonagh’s brutally funny dark comedy, THE LONESOME WEST. Set in the tiny Irish backwater of Leenane, warring brothers Valene and Coleman live to torment each other, baiting and brawling over every petty grievance, from would-be girlfriends to cheap potato chips. Only Father Welsh, the local parish priest, will try to save them before their sibling rivalry explodes into a hilarious and brutal finish.

Reviews June 30, 2016

DCist: Next to Normal

The world may be ugly at times, but Next to Normal unflinchingly refuses to look away from reality, even when it gets messy.

Reviews June 27, 2016

DC Metro Theatre Arts: Next to Normal

The pain of these characters is palpable, but what makes the production so breathtakingly absorbing is the omnipresence of love; as a healing presence, as a source of torment, and as the ultimate gift we can give to another person.

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