Reviews October 3, 2017


Keegan Theatre has put a nice polish on the 1990s “Stones in His Pockets,” Marie Jones’s two-person comedy about rural Irish townspeople coping with a big budget Hollywood film crew. It’s an actors’  showcase, and Josh Sticklin and Matthew J. Keenan playfully embody everyone from town elders to an American starlet. Keenan is particularly flexible,

Reviews September 29, 2017


Abigail Isaac Fine returns to the Keegan stage to direct this two-hander.  Even though the play only has two actors, they play multiple different roles of various ages, genders and histories. This calls for extreme acting chops, and Keegan Theatre did not disappoint. Charlie Conlon, a smooth operator who dreams of producing his own script,

Reviews September 29, 2017


Engaging with warm-hearted humor and disarming in the depth of scenes about lost boys and bitter men with their dreams crushed, the Keegan Theatre production of the Marie Jones’ Stones in his Pockets (1999) is a winner of a serious comedy. Under the affectionate, perceptive direction of Abigail Isaac Fine, Stones in his Pockets aims for and succeeds at understanding; it’s

Reviews September 27, 2017


Written by Belfast-based playwright Marie Jones and first staged in 1996, Stones in His Pocketshas been produced in more than 30 countries—including a successful run on London’s West End—and has garnered numerous awards. Despite being more than 20 years old, Jones’s themes remain strikingly evergreen and relevant today. As the person sitting next to me noted

Press Releases September 11, 2017

Keegan Theatre Opens 21st Season with Stones in His Pockets

September 11, 2017:  The Keegan Theatre kicks off its 21st season with Marie Jones’ wickedly funny tragicomedy Stones in His Pockets, directed by Abigail Isaac Fine and starring Keegan company members and audience favorites Matthew J. Keenan and Josh Sticklin. In addition to the hilarious and thought-provoking narrative of Stones in His Pockets, the audience

Press Releases September 1, 2017

Keegan Theatre Announces “Boiler Room Series” of New Works and Unique Performances

Keegan’s commitment to supporting new work leads to the launch of exciting initiative. August 31, 2017: The Keegan Theatre is proud to announce the launch of its new programming arm, the Boiler Room Series. Boiler Room Series has launched with international, national, and local searches for new plays and musicals that will culminate with 5

Reviews August 11, 2017


The show is a winning testament to the impact one man from a tiny town can have on the people who loved him—or even just crossed paths with him for a moment. Even as his son Will (Ricky Drummond, appealing and appropriately stodgy) grows increasingly frustrated with his father’s seemingly tall tales and unwilling tendency to play anything but the hero, the audience gets swept up in Bloom’s impossibly epic version of his own story.

Reviews August 10, 2017

Magic Time!: Big Fish

The musical Big Fish is by any measure a feel-good show for the whole family, as evidenced by the buoyant and beautiful production now playing at The Keegan Theatre.

Reviews August 10, 2017

Broadway World: Big Fish

BIG FISH fills every inch of the intimate Keegan Theatre and leaves more than a little magic in its wake. This is a wholesome, feel good musical you can really escape into.

Reviews August 10, 2017

DC Metro Theatre Arts: BIG FISH

If you are looking for a feel-good show, with great voices and stimulating dance, then Big Fish is for you.

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