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The Keegan Theatre is growing and seeking professionals to join the Board of Directors. Learn how Keegan board service can help you support the arts and the DC community while elevating your career.


Virginia Riehl (Executive Chair, emeritus), Donald E. Wright (Executive Chair, emeritus), Carol Hood Baker (Managing Director, emeritus), Audrey Benson, Nancy Childress, Diane Dorius, Jimmy Fagan, Beth Felty, James Felty, Jane Hanson, Holly Hassett, Ingrid Helvig, Bruce Lugn, Trudi Olivetti, Alison Sheahan, Stan Shulman, Ann Speicher, Kenn Speicher



Charlotte Akin, Tony Angelini, Joe Baker, Eamon Coy, Peter Finnegan, Larissa Gallagher, Linda High, John Robert Keena, Eric Lucas, George Lucas, Daniel Lyons, Brandon McCoy, Brianna McCoy, Kerry Waters Lucas, Erin Nugent, Trudi Olivetti, Kerri Rambow, Jeremy Skidmore, Colin Smith

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