Keegan Board of Directors Growth Campaign

The award-winning Keegan Theatre is growing! Join the family.

The Keegan Theatre is pleased to announce a Board of Directors Growth Campaign. We’re looking for professionals to join the Keegan family and support the vital mission of one of Washington DC’s premier centers for the arts.

Below submit your interest to Keegan BOD co-chair Whitney Donaldson or explore the top 4 reasons to join the Keegan BOD.






The mission of The Keegan Theatre is to take audiences to the vital heart of the theater experience: extraordinary artists in an intimate setting exploring the human condition.

Keegan produces powerful productions of classic and modern plays, ranging from modern American and Irish classics to new works by local and international playwrights. Further, Keegan produces acclaimed musicals in its intimate space, sharing a transformative experience with theatre lovers. Offered to the community at affordable, neighborhood prices, Keegan’s work is fueled by the highest caliber acting and design, scripts
that put real people out there on the stark edges of life, and a directing approach that honors clear, authentic storytelling.

The Keegan Theatre produces eight to ten productions each year, reaching an audience of approximately 12,000 in the DC metro area. Productions have been recognized for their excellence with more than 45 Helen Hayes Award nominations across performance, directing, and design categories.

Keegan also boasts an arts education initiative, Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA, which serves young people ages Pre-K through 12th grade and inspires hundreds of youth from the region through summer camps, school-based residencies, and performances for the entire family.

Volunteering on the Keegan Board of Directors will put you in a position to be an integral part of this growth. You will help one of DC’s premier centers for the arts continue to produce acclaimed modern classics, develop new works by both local and international playwrights through public staged readings and world premiere productions, and reach youth in need of high-quality arts experiences that inspire academic and creative success – especially crucial in light of the cuts in arts funding in schools.

Serving on the Keegan Board of Directors, you will be asked to utilize your distinct skill set and maximize your impact to help Keegan grow. You will have the opportunity to offer your leadership skills, personal expertise, and/or professional interests in areas of financial management, community engagement, event planning, and fundraising. By volunteering an average of five to eight hours per month, you can make a significant impact on an organization committed to fortifying the arts culture of Washington DC and in-turn make a significant impact on the Washington DC community as a whole.

In serving on the Keegan Board of Directors, you will connect with community leaders from companies and industries that are new to you, form personal connections with other board members who can provide mentorship in new skills related to nonprofit governance, and have the chance to connect with fellow arts supporters, community leaders, and city officials, as well as philanthropic and business leaders.

In addition, we hope that board members will help connect Keegan with their businesses and networks to enhance Keegan goals and community visibility. Board members with the desire to expand their network with others in their field (or those seeking to expand into a new field) gain the opportunity to connect through a personal passion: sharing the work of The Keegan Theatre and advancing the region’s cultural life.

Board service is a must-have for the stellar professional resume… it’s leadership experience and community service rolled into one. Board services can also be a great stepping stone to work in the public sector or running for elected office.

With more and more interaction happening online these days, many feel a growing sense of disconnectedness—even with our immediate communities. The theatre is a place where people come together, and volunteering to support the theatre is the perfect way to connect with your community face-to-face.

Serving on the Keegan Board of Directors offers you opportunities to attend Keegan Theatre performances and events and directly connect with artists and audiences. At Keegan, we call it “In Good Company.” We are a welcoming group of artists and arts supporters who are passionate about telling stories that matter, and having the important conversations that go along with it.

We are also passionate about creating a fun, positive, engaging environment for artists and patrons alike, by creating opportunities for mingling and open discussion. We strive to foster friendships and encourage social engagement. And importantly, try to not take ourselves too seriously despite the seriousness of the art. We want every Keegan interaction to be a positive one.