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  • Current & Past Interns

    Current Interns

    Parker Stephens PRK Intern
    Parker Stephens
    Summer 2019 PRK Intern

    Parker is a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh double majoring in theatre and music. He has a strong passion for the arts and hopes to perform professionally. He’s thrilled to be able to participate in the Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA program and is incredibly excited at the prospect of being able to expand his theatre experience.

    Zachary Pareizs PRK Intern
    Zachary Pareizs
    Summer 2019 PRK Intern

    Zachary Pareizs is a student at the University of Georgia, triple majoring in Entertainment Media Studies, Theatre Studies, and Performance Studies. He loves directing, writing, and acting, and hopes to work as a teaching artist.

    Daniella Ignacio PRK Intern
    Daniella Ignacio
    Summer 2019 PRK Intern

    Daniella is a rising junior at American University who is studying Musical Theatre and Journalism. She’s excited to explore arts education and PR through her internship this summer, and is looking forward to opening up new possibilities for her life in the theatre. Daniella loves how theatre can transform people’s lives for the better and empower people to express themselves.

    Olivia Hunt PRK Intern
    Olivia Hunt
    Summer 2019 PRK Intern

    Olivia Hunt is a playwright, screenwriter, and actress pursuing a B.F.A in Dramatic Writing at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, as well as a minor in French. She was most recently awarded the finalist title in London’s Sunday Shorts Festival for her short screenplay, ICE, as well as the Josh Goldfaden Expository Writing Award for her essay writing at NYUHer work has otherwise been published in Philadelphia Stories Literary magazine and the America Library of Poetry. As for her penchant for comedy, Olivia is also a member of Bechdel Test, NYU’s only all-female sketch comedy and improv team. While in DC she will be acting in and co-directing her short film, Hannah and Kate, with a team of local artists, and is thrilled to be interning with Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA during that same time! She is most looking forward to exploring the connections between Keegan’s upcoming repertoire and D.C.’s cultural and political climates.

    Chloe Friedman PRK Intern
    Chloe Friedman
    Summer 2019 PRK Intern

    Chloe Friedman is a rising sophomore at Marymount Manhattan College with a BA in Musical Theatre. Chloe loves working with children and watching them develop as actors. She’s excited to begin her journey with Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA!

    Past Interns

    Magenta Howard Teaching Artist
    Magenta Howard
    Keegan Fellow

    A graduate of The University of California Santa Cruz, Magenta served as Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA apprentice, teaching artist, and fellow for 2 seasons (2017-2019), focusing on education, marketing, and stage management.

    Ayu Tanaka 2018 Intern
    Ayu Tanaka
    2018-19 PRK Intern

    Ayu hopes to apply her studies by focusing on diversity and inclusion in theatrical performance and space.

    Lily Warner Intern
    Lily Warner
    Summer 2018 PRK Intern

    Lily is currently a Performance Apprentice at Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach, FL where she teaches and directs with their children’s theatre. She is also performing in Evita and then Junie B. Jones.

    Sophia Menconi Intern
    Sophia Menconi
    Summer 2018 PRK Intern

    Sophia finds theatre education to be incredibly important, as it provides a space for students to think and to feel outside of the confines of the traditional classroom setting.

    Quinn O'Connor Intern
    Quinn O’Connor
    Summer 2018 PRK Intern

    Quinn is studying theatre at UCLA where she has been part of the stage management team on several productions.

    Nadia Gaylin Intern
    Nadia Gaylin
    Summer 2018 PRK Intern

    Nadia is a sophomore at St. Mary’s College of Maryland, majoring in Theater, Film, and Media Studies. She recently played Penelope in Kurt Vonnegut’s Happy Birthday, Wanda June on campus.

    Elizabeth Morton PRK Intern 2017-18
    Elizabeth Morton
    2017-18 PRK Apprentice

    Elizabeth chose Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA because of the intimate and community-based atmosphere where she felt she could really make an impact, even as an intern.

    Jackson Kalat PRK Intern 2017-18
    Jackson Kalat
    2017-18 PRK Intern

    Jackson hopes to go to college to study stage acting and theatre in general.

    Erin McGrath PRK Intern
    Erin McGrath
    2017 PRK Intern

    Erin graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a BFA in Theatre and has sinced moved from NYC to Charleston, WV where she is focusing on education policy and reform and serving as an AmeriCorpsVISTA with Literacy Volunteer.

    Chris Chapin PRK Intern
    Chris Chapin
    Summer 2019 PRK Intern

    While working with PRK, Chris enjoyed passing on knowledge, watching students apply it, and then watching them shine.

    Sonali Doshi Intern
    Sonali Doshi
    2019 PRK Intern

    Sonali believes that theatre is a space for storytelling and imagination that allows for a better understanding of each other and our individual experiences.

    Conor Larocque 2018 Intern
    Conor LaRocque
    2018 PRK Intern

    Conor is in his final semester at The Catholic University where he is getting his MFA in playwriting. His thesis play will be performed in February.

    Carly Choppin Intern
    Carly Choppin
    Summer 2018 PRK Intern

    Carly is still at NYU but has switched her major to Politics and is applying for internships with NGOs and advocacy organizations.

    Kate Nouhan Intern
    Kate Nouhan
    Summer 2018 PRK Intern

    Kate is now in undergraduate business school at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska and studying marketing. She is so thankful for her time at Keegan Theatre.  She believes that both marketing and theatre are rooted in storytelling, and she is looking forward to using her theatre skills in this new field of study.

    Megan Hastie Intern
    Megan Hastie
    Summer 2018 PRK Intern

    Megan loves the way theatrical education allows students to grow into their most kind and confident selves.

    Arjun Guidroz Intern
    Arjun Guidroz
    2017-18 PRK Intern

    Arjun is a freshman at Virginia Tech where he is studying engineering.

    Izzy Smelkinson PRK Intern 2017-18
    Izzy Smelkinson
    2017-18 PRK Apprentice

    Izzy has continued to return to Keegan because of the wonderful people, opportunities, and beautiful productions.

    Lauren Frautschi PRK Intern
    Lauren Frautschi
    2017 PRK Intern

    Lauren is currently working as the individual campaigns assistant at The Kennedy Center.

    Cynthia Mullins PRK Intern
    Cynthia Mullins
    2017 PRK Intern

    “I think Keegan is a wonderful community of artists that produces great work in a safe and collaborative space that my friends would love to be a part of.”

    Ilyana Rose-Davila PRK Intern
    Ilyana Rose-Davila
    2018 PRK Apprentice

    Ilyana’s future plans involve attending graduate school for a Master of Arts in Theatre. She intends to create a traveling theatre troupe that reflects her passions for theatre, while also using the dramatic arts as a platform for activism and social change.

    Michael Sullin 2018 Intern
    Michael Sullin
    2018 PRK Intern

    Michael is grateful for his work at the Keegan Theatre and looks forward to exploring the many challenges directors face in engaging contemporary diverse audiences.

    Cassie Cope Intern
    Cassie Cope
    Summer 2018 PRK Intern

    Cassie hopes to help a new generation of artists to flourish! To find more information on Cassie’s theatrical endeavors, please visit www.cassiecope.com!

    Kelly McNesby Intern
    Kelly McNesby
    Summer 2018 PRK Intern

    Kelly is excited to have worked with Keegan and learned from the professional and emerging artists alike.

    Naomi Abramowicz Intern
    Naomi Abramowicz
    Summer 2018 PRK Intern

    Naomi is a sophomore in high school and is working in costumes for her school’s theatre department.

    Karim Angulo PRK Intern
    Karim Angulo
    2017-18 PRK Intern

    Karim chose Keegan for his internship because he enjoys the close-knit, community-based atmosphere that it offers.

    Erica Pierce PRK Intern 2017-18
    Erica Pierce
    2017-18 PRK Intern

    Erica loves working with children and felt that the Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA program fostered a creative and exciting opportunity for young theatre lovers.

    Ariana Hooberman-Piñeiro PRK Intern
    Ariana Hooberman-Piñeiro
    2017 PRK Intern

    Ariana is in her senior year at Coastal Carolina, where she will be graduating with a B.A. in Theatre and a minor in Creative Writing! After graduation, she is hoping to move back to the DC area to rejoin this fabulous theatre community for a while.

    Hugh Raup PRK Intern
    Hugh Raup
    2017 PRK Intern

    The most valuable part of my Keegan internship was learning how to use all the power tools needed to build a set. I am hoping to use these skills to land overhire jobs in the near future.”