The Crucible

by Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller’s classic portrait of one man’s struggle toward grace is set in the scorching context of the 17th-Century Salem witch trials. A community galvanized by fear and suspicion, a wife betrayed by lust, an orphan girl blind with passion and possessed with revenge, ruthless prosecutors, deluded holy men and covetous neighbors.

“A riveting, white-hot production from Keegan Theatre … Director Susan Marie Rhea’s vision, combined with powerful performances, make Keegan’s The Crucible a fresh viewing experience.”

The Crucible pulses with the destructiveness of socially sanctioned violence, the power of hysteria and rancor, the blindness of zealots, and the heart of one tortured man trying to find his own goodness. Keegan Artistic Director Mark A. Rhea reprises his acclaimed performance as John Proctor; Associate Artistic Director Susan Marie Rhea directs.

Reviews and Press for the Show

OCT 22 – NOV 19, 2011

Thursdays-Saturdays at 7:30 pm
Sundays at 3:00 pm
*Special performance Monday, October 24 at 7:30 pm

Runtime: 2 hr 30 min, plus intermission

Advisory Warning: Recommended for ages 14 and older


Town Hall Theatre, Galway ………………..…. September 12-17
Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny ………………….  September 19-24
Everyman Palace Theatre, Cork ………………. September 26-October 1
Church Street Theater, Washington DC …… October 22-November 19


The Cast

Reverend Parris Colin Smith
Betty Parris (U.S.) Maggie Baldwin, Melanie Hanclich, Ilana Maiman
Tituba Shadia Hafiz
Abigail Williams Sarah Lasko
Susanna Walcott (U.S.) Margot Hanclich, Maura O’Reilly
Ann Putnam Sally Cusenza
Thomas Putnam Timothy O’Kane
Mercy Lewis (U.S.) McKenzie Nelson, Alana Wiljanen
Elizabeth Hubbard (U.S.) Ariel Cadby-Spicer, Anna Phillips-Brown
Mary Warren Emily Riehl-Bedford
John Proctor Mark A. Rhea
Rebecca Nurse Carol Baker
Giles Corey Timothy Lynch
Reverend Hale Kevin Hasser
Elizabeth Proctor Karen Novack
Francis Nurse Rob Weinzimer
Ezekial Cheever Bradley Smith
Marshal Herrick Todd Baldwin
Judge Hathorne Charlie Abel
Deputy Governor Danforth Kevin Adams
Sarah Good Sally Cusenza

The Production Team

Director Susan Marie Rhea
Assistant Director Lauren Miller
Stage Manager Christina Coakley
Sound Designer/Composer Jake Null / Matthew Rippetoe
Costume Designer Kelly Peacock
Properties Designer / Set Dresser Carol Baker and Kat Wiskup
Light Designer (U.S.) Michael Innocenti
Dramaturg Megan Thrift

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