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Washington City Paper: An American Daughter

Setting the media and political circuses ablaze, Lyssa must decide whether to withdraw her name from consideration or weather the storm, all while trying to mend the relationships she hurt in the process. If you think the current nomination crisis lacks wit and candor, Wasserstein’s play provides just that.

The Washington Post: An American Daughter

“An American Daughter” is a Clinton play, and the Keegan Theatre is extremely smart to be performing it right now…. The fury is as clear as I’ve ever seen it.

DC Theatre Scene: An American Daughter

Entertaining and insightful, the play echoes timeless sentiments that are part of the bedrock of the country, and that resonate particularly now in his politic city.

DC Metro Theatre Arts: An American Daughter

In Keegan’s snappy and trenchant production, Wasserstein’s script crackles with witty political repartee and cracks open two prominent women’s personal pain in a way that feels as up-to-the-minute as streaming news.

The Georgetowner: American Idiot

What’s affecting about the production at the Keegan — directed by founders Mark and Susan Marie Rhea — is the energy, the way it seems like a prolonged, authentic outburst of feeling and confusion, and the way it pays respect to the music. For artists sort of bagged in the punk-garage milieu, the music is

Talkin Broadway: American Idiot

Washington’s Keegan Theatre and directors Mark A. Rhea and Susan Marie Rhea have created a high-intensity production of American Idiot, propelled by a powerful young cast and in-your-face staging and design. Read the full review

DC Theatre Scene: American Idiot

Keegan Theatre’s production is sharp, loud, and grimy—all in a good way. The set is a series of open windows which the cast and ensemble continually climb up and down and through; it also provides a broken backdrop for projections of the G.W. era’s media coverage, which ground the musical in a reality whose aftereffects reverberate today.

MD Theatre Guide: American Idiot

Keegan Theatre’s hurricane of a production, directed by Susan and Mark Rhea, with musical direction by Jake Null, is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Just like the album, it is at times percussive and violent, and at other times profoundly human and raw. The production is also a word that I never thought I’d apply to Green Day: gorgeous. There were gorgeous performances from the entire cast.

DCist: American Idiot

Welcome to a new kind of tension: Keegan Theatre’s production of American Idiot has the right sense of youthful urgency and earnestness that befits the Green Day rock opera. A young, diverse cast energetically brings to life the unarticulated anguish the teens are experiencing …

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