The Company

Board of Directors

Abby Levine, Executive Chair
Mark A. Rhea, Artistic Chair
Roberta Milman, Secretary

Bob Cali
Abigail Isaac Fine
Megan Doiron

Susan Marie Rhea

Leadership & Staff

Susan Marie Rhea, Artistic Director
Alexis J. Hartwick, Managing Director, Production Manager
Mark A. Rhea, Founding Director
Abby Levine, Executive Chair
Josh Sticklin, Associate Producer, Technical Director
Kurt Boehm, Casting Director, Manager of Patron Services
Matthew J. Keenan, Resident Scenic Designer, Lead Carpenter
Ben Harvey, Resident Electrics Supervisor
Jared Graham, Director of Education, Production Manager
Chisel and Brand LLC, Marketing Associate

Brian Morton, Box Office Associate
Katie McManus, Box Office Associate
Sarah Chapin, Box Office Associate
Carianmax Benitez, Box Office Associate
Wilma Mui, Box Office Associate
Brigid Wallace Harper, Box Office Associate
Julia Link, Box Office Associate
Irene Hamilton, Box Office Associate
Emma Asiano, Box Office Associate
Nikki Hoffpauir, General Counsel

Company Members

For its first 25 years, Keegan was buoyed by an official Company of resident artists. This exceptional Company of artists included actors, playwrights, designers, directors, and theater artists representing all aspects of the work of theater making. This family of artists worked together and strove together to present the highest-caliber work, and to forward the growth of The Keegan Theatre. In addition to appearing on stage and behind the scenes, Keegan Company members helped build and paint sets, provided support at the box office, represented Keegan at public events across the DMV, and generally served as ambassadors for Keegan. Keegan would not be where it is today without the tireless dedication, support, love, and brilliance of our Company members. Each Company member is part of the fabric and history of The Keegan Theatre.

In 2020, Keegan retired the Company model, but the Keegan BOD, staff, and leadership remain forever indebted to those who helped to grow Keegan from its humble beginnings in a church basement to operating as a full-time theater in its beloved Dupont Circle home.

Kevin Adams
Bill Aitken
Charlotte Akin
Tony Angelini
Joe Baker
Carol Hood Baker
Kurt Boehm
Christina A. Coakley
Eamon Coy
Dan Deiter
Peter Finnegan
Larissa Gallagher
Shadia Hafiz
Alexis J. Hartwick
Kevin Hasser
Sheri S. Herren
Linda High
Michael Innocenti
Alison Samantha Johnson
David Jourdan

John Robert Keena
Matthew J. Keenan
Mike Kozemchak
Robert Leembruggen
Eric Lucas
George Lucas
Kerry Waters Lucas
Timothy Lynch
Daniel Lyons
Dan Martin
Brandon McCoy
Brianna McCoy
Craig Miller
Lauren Alexis Miller
Rich Montgomery
Brian W. Morton
Erin Nugent
Jake Null
Trudi Olivetti
Juliana Parks
Kelly Peacock
Jane Petkofsky

Kerri Rambow
Mark A. Rhea
Susan Marie Rhea
Jennifer Richter
Stan Shulman
Jeremy Skidmore
Colin Smith
Bradley Foster Smith
Chris Stezin
Josh Sticklin
Robert Teague
Megan Thrift
Mick Tinder
Jon Townson
Allan Sean Weeks
Katrina Wiskup