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Reviews November 22, 2016

Washington Blade: Six Degrees of Separation

[Director] Brnadon McCoy, a Keegan company member, has assembled an able cast and design team to bring to life Guare’s well-spun yarn. … Matthew Keenan’s spare and elegant set consists of a two-sided spinning Kandinsky and free-floating pieces of white flats that hang like disengaged puzzles pieces.

Reviews November 12, 2016

Magic Time: Six Degrees of Separation

Keegan Theatre’s stimulating production of Six Degrees of Separation is worth seeing for all the reasons my colleagues Julia Hurley and David Friscic have pointed out. The reason that knocked me out last night, however, was the fascinating performance of Ryan Swain.

Reviews November 10, 2016

MD Theatre Guide: Six Degrees of Separation

If you see nothing else for the rest of the year, make sure you make it down to Keegan Theatre for “Six Degrees of Separation.” It’s poignant absurdity or absurd poignancy will keep you thinking and laughing for days afterward.

Reviews November 9, 2016

The Washington Post: Six Degrees of Separation

Director Brandon McCoy’s artsy production (modern painting, white panels, silhouettes) is reasonably stylish, and the listening is acute as Paul beguiles the rich people he wants to belong with. Ryan Swain is a smooth talker as the elusive Paul, and the connection with Susan Marie Rhea’s anguished Ouisa sends you out of the theater properly unsettled about the separation Guare so adroitly maps.

Reviews November 9, 2016

DC Metro Theatre Arts: Six Degrees of Separation

John Guare’s play is a work that defies expectations at every turn, keeping us guessing until the very end. The Keegan Theatre’s production will make audiences laugh and break their hearts all at once, leaving us hoping that we lead better lives than the ones we see portrayed here.

Reviews November 7, 2016

Howl Round: What We’re Up Against

Tucked away on a quiet street in Dupont Circle, Washington’s Keegan Theatre is easy to miss. Keegan produces classic and contemporary plays and musicals that, in the company’s own words, “put people out there on the stark edges of life”—works, in short, that “explore the human condition.” Keegan manages to offer tickets at affordable prices while creating productions on a par with any in the city. In spite of its low profile. Keegan has been producing quality work for decades, as well as touring work around Ireland and hosting Irish companies. And Keegan has not played it safe. The theatre has been making bold choices, producing dozens of world, American, and DC-area premieres. Keegan recently opened its twentieth season with a delightful production of a play that hits close to home in Washington these days, staging the regional premiere of Theresa Rebeck’s What We’re Up Against.

Reviews September 29, 2016    

The Washington Post: What We’re Up Against

Theresa Rebeck’s salty office comedy “What We’re Up Against” is a swift and merrily vicious kick in the pants. It’s a fast satire about a talented woman and the dull, bigoted men who rule her workplace …. Rebeck’s wrathful, foulmouthed script keeps the energy high, and at the small Keegan Theatre (which has the D.C. premiere of this 2011 play), director Susan Marie Rhea creates a bright, brisk production that nails the play’s most pivotal moments.

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