Review Round-Up: “A Shadow of Honor”

The actors do an admirable job of injecting life into their characters … Herren is splendidly natural as Caroline Ruffin, and Rhea is forceful as her thuggishly idealistic husband … Listol brings the right mixture of warmth and intensity to Kathy … And in the play’s early scenes, before his character has become a psychological time bomb, Innocenti brings out the endearing nerd in Tyler.”
-The Washington Post

Director Matthew Keenan’s attention to characteristic details like this tell you a lot about the play you are watching … the play will give you lots to think about … Like the mark of that rifle on the wall, Coy’s well-researched play is concerned with the long-lasting effects that violence and war can have — even on two families almost completely unrelated to each other, and even long after the guns have been hung up.”

a riveting story … the author beautifully combines, simultaneously on the stage, a connection between the Civil War and Vietnam through two families. … acting by the entire cast is exceptional! A must-see…”
-Arlington Weekly News TV

An intriguing idea … Director Matthew Keenan keeps the action switching smoothly between the two stories … Innocenti and Listol have a fine rapport as the young couple … The play ends with a satisfyingly hopeful note.”
-DC Theatre Scene