DC Theatre Scene: The Sunshine Boys

Sunshine Boys_4x6 postcard[Peter] Finnegan and [Kevin] Adams take on Sunshine’s pitter patter rhythm as though they’ve been partners for years. Embodying both the brazenness of vaudeville and the quick Simon wit, the two are truly entertaining to watch. Under Michael Innocenti’s direction, the production is tight, rarely lagging and largely precise.  Like any good piece of music it knows when to break, when to build, and when to quiet the chorus and let the audience feel a thing or two.

Maria Rizzo…kills in the cameo role of the Burlesque Nurse”

They don’t make them like Willie and Al anymore, just as they don’t write them like Neil Simon.  But the Keegan Theatre brings you back to both warm and fuzzy times and places, and hits its marks along the way.

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