DC Theatre Scene: Keegan reopens with powerful “Cat”

by Jennifer Clements

“There ain’t nothin’ more powerful than the odor of mendacity.” This one line offers up the theme of Tennessee William’s renowned Cat on a Hot Tin Roof in ten simple words. But, as evidenced in the Keegan Theatre’s sparkling production, there is nothing simple about the relationships on this Mississippi estate…This production marks the start of Keegan Theatre’s new season, as well as the first in its sleek, renovated space. But while the look of the building has changed, the intimate nature of Keegan’s work remains as central as ever. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof essentially invites its audience into the family’s space and psyche in this southern-fried melodrama. A remarkable night of theatre worthy of Keegan’s much-anticipated reopening. Brave the bayou heat and grab a ticket.

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