MD Theatre Guide: Six Degrees of Separation

Brandon McCoy, who directed Keegan’s “An American Daughter” earlier this year, returns with this hilarious play.

Susan Marie Rhea excels in the famous “Six Degrees of Separation” speech and in the distinct idiosyncrasies of this famous character. … Ryan Swain oscillates seamlessly between each facet of Paul’s character … Ray Ficca hits every comedic note with finesse.

Keegan’s technical team manage to make every show look like a completely different venue. Matthew Keenan stuns the audience with another innovative set design utilizing flats, projections and a rotating painting. It’s almost like stumbling across an exhibit at the Hirschhorn all the way on Church Street! Colin Dieck uses light and shadows in conjunction with the set to create living pieces of art.

If you see nothing else for the rest of the year, make sure you make it down to Keegan Theatre for “Six Degrees of Separation.” It’s poignant absurdity or absurd poignancy will keep you thinking and laughing for days afterward.