The Keegan Theatre introduces new TYA brand: Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA

Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA is designed to be a creative home for young people and their families

December 6, 2016

The Keegan Theatre introduces Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA, a new brand that’s uniquely designed to inspire and empower young people and emerging artists to find their authentic voices, and announces the launch of the new brand’s website at Like The Keegan Theatre, Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA values the power of authentic storytelling and is inspired by Irish heritage; PLAY-RAH-KA is derived from the Gaelic word pléaráca, meaning revelry, boisterous merry-making, and a party you don’t want to miss.

Through outreach programs in collaboration with community partners and opportunities at home at The Keegan Theatre, Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA makes the arts as accessible as possible to all. And by offering both theatrical productions for families and creative explorations for young people and emerging artists, Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA is designed to be a creative home for young people and their families.

Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA’s creative explorations come in the form of classes, camps, internships, and other opportunities. Offerings are separated by age groups, from Pre-K to high school students, giving young people and emerging artists valuable peer experiences that promote safe expression and growth.

Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA also produces professionals productions for families and will present two plays as part of Keegan’s 2016-2017 20th Anniversary Season. Both focus on transformation, self-discovery, and trying to find a place in the world when you grow up differently from everyone else.

January 28, February 4, February 11 – 11:00 am

Being a teenager is hard for Hamlette anyway — but add in a visit from her father’s ghost, her mother marrying her murdered father’s brother (her uncle!), and no one remembering she’s a girl, it’s enough to make poor Hamlette go mad.  Hamlette takes the classic Shakespeare play, throws it in a blender, and shakes it up into a side-splitting comedy told in under an hour with only five actors.   Recommended for ages 11 and up.

THE ICE CHILD, an American premiere
August 2017

The fairy-folk tell the tale of the Ice Child, a baby that was stolen by fairies and replaced with an ice child in desperate need of love.  The Ice Child is different from the other children – he is lost in a world that doesn’t understand or welcome him.  He doesn’t know how to make friends — and his parents can’t hug or cuddle him.  How do you love a child that can’t be touched? And what is the true meaning and purpose of love anyway? A fantastical, imaginative Irish tale making its U.S. debut. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

“We’re proud to be expanding our programming for young audiences this season,” says Mark A. Rhea, Keegan’s founder and producing artistic director.  “Last year we premiered HOW TO CATCH A LEPRECHAUN; it was a resounding success, and also offered us the opportunity to learn more about what families are looking for in terms of programming for young audiences.”  The company conducted polls with parents and audience members, and let the research gathered there inform its upcoming programming.  “The general feedback we received last year was so positive,” says Rhea.  “We talked to many parents who are eager for this type of programming, and they had lots of suggestions about the kinds of shows they and their kids would like to see.”

To learn more about Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA and available offerings or upcoming productions, visit