The Washington Post: HAMLETTE

Keegan Theatre has always done plays for adults, often showcasing Irish writers and themes. Now it’s launching a youth program whose three-part title, PLAY-RAH-KA, also has Gaelic roots: (a) revelry, (b) boisterous merrymaking and (c) a party you don’t want to miss. Besides classes and camps, Keegan will stage professional shows for young audiences.

The first show, Hamlette, by Allison Williams, spoofs Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” in less than an hour, with only five actors, most in multiple roles. As the title announces, the conflicted offspring of the murdered King Hamlet is a princess, not a prince. She wishes everyone would treat her as a girl, but her mother the Queen insists that Hamlette (Alexis Amarante) dress and be addressed as a boy.

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