DC Metro Theatre Arts: An American Daughter (2nd review)

Michael Innocenti, Sheri S Herren, Susan Marie Rhea, Brianna McCoy, Mark Rhea and Matt Hicks. Photo by Cameron Whitman.

Photo by Cameron Whitman.

Led by McCoy, the artistic team successfully brought the theme of “personal versus political” to life, starting with Matthew J. Keenan’s set design. The living room of the Hughes family home took up the stage, and was full of impressive detail…

The world of politics is fast-paced, and Wasserstein brings this characteristic to her script. McCoy clearly worked with his actors a great deal on that aspect, because they brought that element to life. The pacing was spot-on, and helped the witty jokes land, resulting in uproars of laughter from the audience. Each of the actors in this ensemble played off each other wonderfully …

Witty and fun, Keegan Theatre’s An American Daughter is a show you do not want to miss. With the elections surrounding us, this is a production that is so relevant.

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