Magic Time: Six Degrees of Separation

Keegan Theatre’s stimulating production of Six Degrees of Separation is worth seeing for all the reasons my colleagues Julia Hurley and David Friscic have pointed out. The reason that knocked me out last night, however, was the fascinating performance of Ryan Swain. His every iota of onstage energy is literally beguiling. …

To be sure, the well-off white folks who succumb to Paul’s ruses are very well played as well: first Ousie (Susan Marie Rhea) and her husband Flan (Ray Ficca), then Kitty (Karen Novack) and her husband Larkin (Jon Townson), then Elizabeth (Kathleen Mason) and her boyfriend Rick (Matthew Sparacino). All convey their characters’ credulity and gullibility with perfect credibility. We do not think them dummies; we just see they’re being duped, by a first-rate imposter who seems guileless as a puppydog…

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    November 12, 2016
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