A Behanding In Spokane

A Behanding In Spokane
MAR 16 – APR 7, 2013
Martin McDonagh
Colin Smith

A mysterious stranger is on the hunt for his missing appendage, and two bungling crooks — and a hotel clerk with an aversion to gunfire — are caught up in his dangerous machinations. Scathing and hilarious, Behanding is another dazzlingly macabre tale from the brilliant, twisted mind of Martin McDonagh.

Advisory Warning: Recommended for mature audiences. Contains profanity, violence, and adult situations.


DC Metro Theater Arts Review

Colin Smith deserves thunderous applause for his direction that successfully delivers maximum laughs without going over the top.”

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DC Theatre Scene Review

“This cast achieves a greater degree of realism and emotional connection than the Broadway cast.”

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John Stoltenberg Review

“I had to check out the new production of [Martin] McDonagh’s A Behanding in Spokane at the Keegan Theatre. And what a delightfully demented headtrip it was.”

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Dramaurge Review

“If your taste in humor runs to dark comedy, you’ll want to head out to The Keegan Theatre before too long.”

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ShowBizRadio Review

“Director Colin Smith keeps the characters distinct, the ensemble playing smooth, the timing crisp, and the physical comedy flowing.”

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Carmichael Mark A. Rhea
Mervyn Bradley Foster Smith
Toby Manu Kumasi
Marilyn Laura Herren

Production Team

Director and Set Designer Colin Smith
Assistant Director Sherri Herren
Lighting Designer Megan Thrift
Costume Designer Kelly Peacock
Sound Designer Tony Angelini
Hair and Make-up Designer Craig Miller
Set Dressing and Properties Designer Carol Baker
Set Dressing and Properties Assistant Katrina Wiskup
Stage Managers Alexis Rose and Dan Deiter
Production Assistant Stacey Kruml