Basra Boy

Basra Boy
FEB 19 – MAR 12, 2011
Rosemary Jenkinson
Abigail Isaac


Speedy and Stig have been best friends since their first sling shots, but now Stig wants to leave Speedy’s dead-end street fights to fight in Basra. Rosemary Jenkinson’s darkly comic new play looks at the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and their impact on the streets of Belfast. Josh Sticklin stars in this one-man tour de force by one of Ireland’s most exciting playwrights.


The Washington Post Review

“As brought to life by director Abigail Isaac and the appealing performer Josh Sticklin, who portrays multiple characters, it’s a piece that starts as a funny, antic romp and ends as a touching tribute to friendship and to the process of growing up.”

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DC Theatre Scene Review

“Audiences who ventured to Keegan Theatre’s world premiere of Basra Boy were treated to the real deal. Both play and performance are terrific”

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Washington Blade Review

“Josh Sticklin, 25, makes his bid for a future career of real acting renown by his role — really, 13 of them — in a one-man show, the world premiere of ‘Basra Boy’.”

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Washington City Paper Review

“Josh Sticklin vibrates like a hopped-up hummingbird as Speedy … Sticklin is a charmer, charismatic and tireless.”

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DC Examiner Review

Josh Sticklin shines in one-man ‘Basra Boy’ … Sticklin plays all the roles in this beautifully crafted play, delineating clearly in his rapid-fire brogue the who’s who of Stig’s and Speedy’s youth.”

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Josh Sticklin

Production Team

Director Abigail Isaac
Stage Manager Nora O’Reilly
Set Designer George Lucas
Light Designer Dan Martin
Costume Designers Kelly Peacock and Audrey Edwards