January 28 - February 11, 2017
Allison K Williams
Ricky Drummond

A Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA Production

Being a teenager would be hard enough for Hamlette anyway — but add in a visit from her father’s ghost, her mother marrying her murdered father’s brother (her uncle!), and no one remembering she’s a girl, it’s enough to make poor Hamlette go mad. Hamlette takes the classic Shakespeare play, throws it in a blender, and shakes it up into a side-splitting comedy told in under an hour with only five actors. Recommended for young people age 11 and older. (RAH and KA age groups)


Theatrefolk Review

“Allison Williams’ Hamlette is a hilarious one-act comedic adaptation that is perfect for both high school and middle school students to help them understand and enjoy Shakespeare in a whole new way.”

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Actor 1 Rachel Barlaam
Actor 2 Carl Williams
Actor 3 Jonathan Helwig
Actor 4 Hillary Thelin
Actor 5 Alexis Amarante

Production Team

Director Ricky Drummond
Stage Manager Allison Poms
Set Designer Matthew Keenan
Lighting Designer Katie McCreary
Costume Designer Nitya Ramlogan
Hair and Make Up Designer Craig Miller
Properties Designer Tess Wagner
Sound Designer Jordana Abrenica