Push the Button

World Premiere
PUSH THE BUTTON by Drew Anderson & Dwayne Lawson-Brown
March 25 - April 7, 2023
Drew Anderson & Dwayne Lawson-Brown
World Premiere

In a town beset by the sordid shenanigans of a prank-prone Villain, justice finally seems to be served when the celebrated Hero accuses Villain of the worst crime of all: Pushing the Button. But when the dutiful Journalist starts asking the right questions, will convicting the Villain prove to be the wrong answer? This playful and poignant parody of modern morality will ask its audiences to question their very notions of right and wrong, crime and punishment, truth and narrative. But most of all, it will beg the question: “Who Pushed the Button??”

Boiler Room Series

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“Anderson and Lawson-Brown’s command of language is stunning ... a unique blend of colloquial speech, pop culture references, and classical literary allusion.”
— Broadway World (reviewing FROM GUMBO TO MUMBO)