The Best Man

The Best Man
JAN 30 – FEB 23, 2014
Gore Vidal
Christina A. Coakley and Timothy H. Lynch

A play about power, ambition, political secrets, ruthlessness and the race for the presidency, Gore Vidal’s The Best Man is set at the national convention where two candidates are vying for their party’s nomination during the primary season. It’s an inside look at the dirt-digging, double-dealing, triple-crossing chicanery of presidential electioneering. Filled with Vidal’s trademark verbal fire, this darkly satirical drama resonates today as an exploration of how political and personal agendas can change the destiny of a nation. Featuring Artistic Director Mark A. Rhea and Keegan company member Colin Smith.


Broadway World Review

“Co-directors Christina A. Coakley and Timothy H. Lynch, along with scenic designer Michael Innocenti, have given the audience a calmly ambient show, centered around the performances.”

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DC Theatre Scene Review

“Ultimately, The Best Man is a crackling cautionary tale about the struggle between virtue and ambition at the highest levels of power and in everyday life.”

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MD Theatre Guide Review

“Keegan’s production, directed wisely by Timothy H. Lynch and Christina A Coakley, focuses on the script’s carefully crafted action; its characters remain grounded, preferring to let the dialogue wow us with its insight, foresight, and continuing legacy.”

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ShowBizRadio Review

“One of the strengths of Smith’s performance is that he allows the audience not only to see the unlikable traits of his character but also how Cantwell’s anger and resentment would resonate with voters. The most powerful character, and most powerful performance, of the play is [KevinAdams’ Hockstader.”

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DC Metro Theater Arts Review

“Co-Directors Timothy H. Lynch and Christina A. Coakley propel the actors through their paces with vigor and seamless efficiency. The more humorous scenes blend together organically with the more dramatic moments. Lynch and Coakley do a superb job of establishing the tone of the play as it straddles the cynical components of politics with the more idealistic segments.”

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Catherine Belen Pifel
Joseph Cantwell Colin Smith
Clyde Carlin David Jourdan
Arthur Hockstader Kevin Adams
William Russell Mark A. Rhea
Sheldon Marcus Michael Innocenti
Dr. Artinian Nello DeBlasio
Don Blades Peter Finnegan
Sue-Ellen Gamadge Rena Cherry Brown
Alice Russell Sheri Herren
Dick Jensen Stan Shulman
Mabel Cantwell Susan Marie Rhea
Ensemble Jim Howard, Mary Andrus, Mary Egan and Todd Baldwin

Production Team

Director Christina A. Coakley and Timothy H. Lynch
Set Design Michael Innocenti
Lighting Design Katie McCreary
Costume Design Erin Nugent
Costume Assistant Brittany Harris
Sound Design Dan Deiter
Set Dressing and Properties Designer Carol Hood Baker
Properties Assistant Katrina Wiskup
Dramaturg Trudi Olivetti
Stage Manager Megan Thrift
Assistant Stage Manager Jen Grunfeld