The Boiler Room Series

New Works From Fresh Voices
The Boiler Room Series
May 10 - 22, 2022
Workshop Playwright
Graziella Jackson
Workshop Playwrights
Drew Anderson & Dwayne Lawson-Brown
Staged Readings Playwrights
Darren Donohue, Shadia Hafiz, Jordan Ramirez Puckett, & Priyanka Shetty

Keegan’s Boiler Room Series (BRS) is inviting audiences to experience theater development in action through a series of presentations and events involving new plays somewhere on the path from “playwright’s first spark” to “mainstage production.” Events include public staged readings with audience talkbacks, sneak peeks into the workshop room, exclusive interviews with playwrights, and working sessions with directors and artists — all designed to bring audiences into the world where plays get made. BRS events will be presented live at Keegan and also fully streamed, so that audiences from all over the world can experience the journey of these new works alongside the writers and artists who develop them to their full potential. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BOILER ROOM SERIES

Boiler Room Series event calendar and tickets info to be released at a later date.

“Five years in, we at Keegan want to celebrate some of the most compelling voices we have heard in the Boiler Room Series' history.”
— Josh Sticklin, BRS Artistic Director