The Ice Child

The Ice Child
August 25 - September 2, 2018
Mike Kenny
Megan Thrift

A Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA Production

** U.S. Premiere ** You can’t trust the fairy-folk. They stole the baby and left the Ice Child in its place. The Ice Child is not like other children. He’s lost in a world that doesn’t understand and doesn’t welcome him. The Ice Child can’t be hugged, can’t be cuddled. He’ll melt. How do you love a child that can’t be touched? And what is love anyway – when you come right down to it? This is a tale of growing up different. It’s a fairy story – a story told by the fairies about people. And it’s a love story – a story about love. Recommended for young people age 8 and up.


DC Theatre Scene Review

“I loved The Ice Child—an old-school-esque “once upon a time” fairy tale about very real-world, right now issues that treats its tiny audience like intelligent, independent beings capable of great empathy. And imagination.”

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Claire Burton
Jordan Clark Halsey
MK Sagastume
John Sygar

Production Team

Director Megan Thrift
Scenic Designer Matthew J. Keenan
Lighting Designer G. Ryan Smith
Projections Designer Patrick Lord
Costume Designer Kiana Vincenty
Sound Designer Dan Deiter
Properties/Set Dressing Designer Cindy Landrum Jacobs
Stage Manager Thomas Nagata