The Weir

The Weir
FEB 12 – MAR 13, 2011
Conor McPherson
Mark A. Rhea

On a chilly night in a cozy Irish pub, four friends and one stranger form a redemptive circle of friendship through a round of conversation and storytelling.


The Washington Post Review

“Subtle but magnetic … the audience is transfixed as the characters, one at a time, sink into long, spellbinding speeches recounting eerie, inexplicable events.”

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BrightestYoungThings Review

“The Keegan’s able adaptation of the play provides plentiful delights, including the warm and inviting set design – consisting only of a simple, tiny, rural pub by George Lucas, and the subtle but emotive lighting by Dan Martin.”

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Washington Examiner Review

“It all plays out on the authentic barfly set, where the tap is so convincingly modeled you may find yourself parched by the end of the night…. a seasoned cast that quenches your thirst for the dramatic.”

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Washington City Paper Review

“Under the direction of Mark A. Rhea, the cast all scale their performances appropriately. The comfort and the contempt arising from their lives of small-town proximity registers.”

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DC Theatre Scene Review

“The Keegan Theatre’s production carries on the play’s award-winning tradition, dropping its incredibly-talented cast into a cozy, intimate rural Irish pub and letting the players take it from there.”

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Washington Blade Review

“Skillfully directed by Keegan’s founding artistic director, Mark A. Rhea, it co-stars his wife, the astonishingly talented Susan Marie Rhea, as Valerie.”

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Jack Kevin Adams
Jim David Jourdan
Valerie Susan Marie Rhea
Finbar Mick Tinder
Brendan Jon Townson

Production Team

Director Mark A. Rhea
Stage Manager Christina A. Coakley
Set Designer George Lucas
Light Designer Dan Martin
Costume Designers Kelly Peacock and Audrey Edwards