Twelve Angry Men

Twelve Angry Men
MAR 3 – 25, 2012
Reginald Rose
Christopher Gallu

The gripping examination of twelve jurors as they deliberate after hearing the arguments in a seemingly open-and-shut case. As prejudices are tested and evidence weighed, the entire jury is forced to look past the show of the courtroom to unearth the shocking truth. Faced with playing the hangmen, these dozen men must first face themselves.

Advisory Warning: Recommended for ages 16 and older


The Washington Post Review

“Under Christopher Gallu’s solid direction, the actors chomp down hard on the script and never let go.”

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The Edge Review

“As the play’s antagonist, Juror #3 (David Jourdan), brings impressive pathos to a role that could otherwise appear one-note and belligerent.”

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MD Theatre Guide Review

“There is a reason why Reginald Rose’s “Twelve Angry Men” is a classic.  It is so engaging that you may find yourself rooting for certain juror’s as I did. “

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Washingtonian Review

“Overall the cast, under the direction of Christopher Gallu, delivers the deeply human chemistry and emotional evolutions the script calls for.”

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Drama Urge Review

“Keegan’s large cast possesses a range of acting talents, but their composition is strikingly reminiscent of a cross section of the population.”

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DC Metro Theater Arts Review

Twelve Angry Men is an ensemble piece and this ensemble delivers.”

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DC Theatre Scene Review

“Brothers and sisters, when real life can seamlessly and with authenticity translate to the stage, that’s good theater.”

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Foreman Tim Lynch
Juror 2 Brad Smith
Juror 3 Dave Jourdan
Juror 4 Kevin Adams
Juror 5 Andres Talero
Juror 6 Rich Montgomery
Juror 7 Michael Innocenti
Juror 8 Colin Smith
Juror 9 Richard Jamborsky
Juror 10 Mark Rhea
Juror 11 Mike Kozemchak
Juror 12 Jon Townson

Production Team

Director Christopher Gallu
Set Designer Mark A. Rhea
Costume Designer Erin Nugent
Lighting Designer Colin Dieck
Set Dresser / Properties Designer Carol Baker
Properties Assistant Katrina Wiskup
Stage Manager Christina Coakley