Boiler Room Series

Turning up the Heat for New Voices

The Boiler Room Series at Keegan, named after the old boiler room of the pre-renovation Keegan Theatre, is a bold programming initiative that focuses on the development of new works and the producing of unique performances.

The name speaks to the two-part mission: crank up the artistic heat on new works in progress and let loose the creative voices of tomorrow’s theatre.

Since its founding, Keegan has always been a supporter and producer of new works. In addition to fully producing 17 World Premieres, Keegan has workshopped many new works and played a critical developmental role in dozens of others. The Boiler Room Series amplifies those efforts by actively seeking artists and projects in international, national, and local searches for new plays and musicals.

And when it comes to producing innovative and bold theatre – Keegan is no stranger. By offering support and a stage for unique performances and performers, Keegan’s Boiler Rooms Series promotes the creative edge that’s driving theatre in DC and beyond to new and unexpected places.

The 2017-18 Boiler Room Series

written by Diana Burbano
music collaboration by Moises Vazquez
directed by Cara Gabriel

L.A. 1977. The punk rock scene is in full swing. Two young Latinas meet at a band audition. Luisa is effortlessly sexy, and sings like an angel. Sally, though musically brilliant, is rough-edged, moody, and tortured by her fluctuating sexuality. There’s an undeniable symbiosis between them and they form their own band. Seemingly overnight they have fame and a following. Enter Nigel, an older glam rocker. Seeking something new, he asks Sally to join his band. She’s torn: the offer is intoxicating, but what about Luisa? Sally accepts Nigel’s offer. Luisa segues to a spectacular pop career strictly on her own. Sally feels a queasy mix of regret and contempt. Thirty years pass. Drugs and hard-living have exacted a brutal toll on Sally and Nigel. Age and illness have dimmed Luisa’s star and diminished her powers. And Nigel is dying. To help him do so with dignity, Sally seeks Luisa’s help. The gesture opens old wounds, but makes healing possible, too. They re-unite on stage and discover that two old broads can rock as hard as they ever did. LEARN MORE

BOILER MAKER: New Works Staged Reading #5

At the beginning of the season, Boiler Room Series launched an international, national, and local search for new plays and musicals. Selected from hundreds of submissions, this play or musical will be workshopped by Keegan’s Artistic Development Team and presented to the public as a staged reading. Every staged reading is followed by a post show discussion. Stay tuned – new works will be announced on a rolling basis. LEARN MORE

BOILER MAKER: Plays at the Boiling Point – New Voices Sampler Festival

If you missed any of our new works staged readings this season, the new voices festival is your chance to get a taste of all the new play development work that Keegan’s Boiler Room Series has been up to in its inaugural year. Selected scenes will be fully staged and presented as part of the festival, and we’ll feature a post-show discussion with all 5 playwrights. LEARN MORE

RADIATOR CABARET: Unproducible – Songs from Shows We Can’t/Shouldn’t/Won’t/Might Do

Keegan Theatre will NEVER produce Cats! and there are hundreds of good reasons for that. In fact, there’s a whole canon of musicals that Keegan will never produce for any number of reasons. This irreverent and illuminating cabaret pokes fun at theatre business from all angles – chiefly, our own. Few will be spared. Bet you’ve never thought like a theatre producer thinks… Go on, we dare you. LEARN MORE

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