Boiler Room Series

The Boiler Room Series is LIVE online!

This summer, we’ve adapted the Boiler Room Series to showcase our signature mix of new works and unique performances live on the web as part of a series we’re calling BRS LIVE!

BRS LIVE is generously sponsored by Abby Levine, Whitaker Stone, Michael Innocenti & Christina Coakley


Host Drew Anderson
Sound Engineer Denise Rose
Production Manager Shee Shee Lin
Producer & BRS AD Josh Sticklin

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BRS LIVE will stream 30-60 minute performances live from the theatre, hosted by Drew Anderson, co-writer/performer of Keegan and Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA’s Helen Hayes Award-nominated hit, From Gumbo to Mumbo. Each live stream will feature new DMV artists performing new or unique works that are inspiring them in this moment. Additionally, driven by an aim to turn art into action, BRS LIVE will donate half of all live stream ticket sales and donations to organizations selected by the featured artist.

BRS LIVE Events Coming Up

None currently scheduled… check back soon!

Past BRS LIVE Events

HEROINE Live in Concert

Supporting The Okra Project
Featuring Ines Nassara & Bridget Linsenmeyer

HEROINE is an indie pop duo made up of Bridget Linsenmeyer and Ines Nassara. The group is known for its power anthems and compelling unison, and proudly uses both their lyrics and artist image to advocate for solidarity and intersectional empowerment of women. Though heavily inspired by femme pop influences, HEROINE also draws on their theatrical background to deliver a dynamic and dramatic performance. The duo’s chemistry is infectious, equally making listeners want to call their best friend and fueling them to fight against the patriarchy, non-inclusive feminism (and let’s be real, 45).

What It Is with Drew Anderson, Episode 2

Sponsored by Whitaker Stone
Supporting Young Audiences/Arts for Learning of Maryland
Featuring Baba Bomani Armah, Zsudayka Nzinga Terrell, & Tiara Love

WHAT IT IS is the brainchild of award-winning host, performing artist, and educator Drew Anderson. Through his signature eclectic style and irreverent yet warm wit, Drew will introduce audiences to some of his very favorite artists and bring levity and love to a world in dire need of both.

This episode will feature performances and interviews with Hip-Hop songwriter, teaching artist, and community organizer Bomani Armah (aka Baba Bomani), accomplished visual artist Zsudayka Nzinga Terrell, and real estate aficionado and certified bibliophile Tiara Love!

Hard Times Part 2

Featuring Chani Wereley
For The Gworls

Just your friendly neighborhood out-of-work actor fighting off COVID, racists, and crippling anxiety. You might know Chani from Spring Awakening at Round House, Little Shop at Constellation Theatre, Love’s Labors Lost at the Folger, or you might know her from her Instagram Famous Cat. Chani returns to Keegan Theatre in a sort-of-remount of her solo cabaret, Hard Times, which is, perhaps, more relatable now than ever before.

Sex Panic and the Pandemic
Written & performed by Twanna A. Hines

Supporting Tuskegee University

SEX PANIC AND THE PANDEMIC is a one-woman, sex storytelling performance by award-winning sexual health educator Twanna A. Hines. She takes online audiences on a journey through U.S. history to highlight striking similarities in health inequities that occurred during the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, HIV/AIDS epidemic, and COVID-19. Twanna delivers hope, humor, and sex advice to help us survive the current global pandemic as we must — together.

What It Is with Drew Anderson, Episode 1
Featuring Rhonisha D. Franklin and Basic the Bassist

Sponsored by Abby Levine
Supporting the Red Dot Campaign

WHAT IT IS is the brainchild of award-winning host, performing artist, and educator Drew Anderson. Through his signature eclectic style and irreverent yet warm wit, Drew will introduce audiences to some of his very favorite artists and bring levity and love to a world in dire need of both.

Featuring Rhonisha D. Franklin and Basic the Bassist

Lisa Stephen Friday

Sponsored by Capital Pride
Supporting the Center for Black Equity & Casa Ruby

“Lisa Jackson is a fierce trans rock and roll warrior” — Dean Johnson

Through storytelling and song, Lisa Stephen Friday shares the transitional rock and roll experiences of Lisa Jackson and Girl Friday — pushing the bounds of gender norms before it was cool. Join the star of Keegan’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch for her new solo acoustic show live streamed from the Keegan stage.

Hosted by Drew Anderson, co-writer/performer of Keegan and Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA’s Helen Hayes Award-nominated hit, From Gumbo to Mumbo.

Featuring Lisa Stephen Friday

Broadway Reimagined: Black & Queer

Sponsored by Capital Pride
In partnership with Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC
Supporting the Center for Black Equity & Casa Ruby

Join us in unity with the Pride and Black Lives Matter movements for Keegan’s very first BRS LIVE performance! Broadway Reimagined: Black & Queer will be an intimate, live, virtual cabaret featuring favorite performers of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC sharing their interpretations of some of Broadway’s most iconic songs from Aladdin, Waitress, Wicked, and many more!

Featuring Jarrod Bennett, Garrick T. Jordan, and Dana Nearing


About the Boiler Room Series

Supporting New Works and Unique Performances

The Keegan Theatre has always been a supporter and producer of new works. In addition to fully producing 20 world premieres since opening in 1997, Keegan has workshopped many new works and played a critical developmental role in dozens of others.

Keegan’s Boiler Room Series (BRS) amplifies those efforts by actively seeking artists and projects in international, national, and local searches for new plays and musicals, offering support and a stage for new and unique performances and performers, and working to promote the creative minds that are driving theatre in DC and beyond to new and unexpected places.

To create opportunities for emerging artists,
To increase representation onstage,
To provoke important conversations,
To turn art into action through exposure and giving,
To feed the fire of new projects in progress,
To raise the creative voices of tomorrow’s theatre.

The Keegan Theatre believes that any open and honest exploration of the human condition requires active promotion of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism. It is only through a commitment to these critical tenets, on both an individual and an institutional level, that artists, patrons, students, and arts advocates can continuously learn, create, and connect in an environment free from the insidious and debilitating effects of prejudice, discrimination, and marginalization. LEARN MORE

Keegan’s Boiler Room Series is radically committed to Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Anti-Racism. In our first four seasons, at least 50% of featured BRS playwrights have been womxn and at least 50% of all BRS artists have been BIPOC. Many of our artists identify as LGBTQ+. We are committed to maintaining and improving upon those standards across all BRS programming.

Moving forward, we commit to:

  • Featuring 50% or more BIPOC playwrights
  • Casting 50% or more BIPOC performers/presenters
  • Staffing 50% or more BIPOC production team members
  • Hiring 25% or more artists who identify as LGBTQ+
  • Developing a BRS playreading and producing advisory panel with at least 50% or more BIPOC artists, 50% or more womxn artists, and 25% or more LGBTQ+ identifying artists.

Named after the old boiler room of the pre-renovation Keegan Theatre, the annual BRS calendar includes, among other events, workshops and presentations of staged readings of new works, which give playwrights the opportunity to hear their play performed and receive audience feedback, and the WOMXN on Fire Festival, which celebrates the phenomenal talents of DMV womxn theatre makers.

Past BRS Events

New Works Staged Readings

To Saints and Stars
by Jordan Ramirez Puckett, directed by Josh Sticklin

WOMXN on Fire Festival
Solo Show

The Elephant in the Room
written and performed by Priyanka Shetty
directed by Theresa M. Davis

Full-Length Play

Little Wars
by Graziella Jackson
directed by Marietta Hedges
rehearsal stage manager Elizabeth Ludlam
featuring Bianca Lipford and Paige O’Malley

10-Minute Plays

First Chair
by Jean Koppen, directed by Nicole Maneffa
featuring Julieta Gozalo and Douglas Sebamala

by Rebecca Dzida, directed by Simone Montague
featuring Katy Risotto and Kourtney Richards

The Holiest of Sacraments
by Patricia Connelly, directed by Lynn Sharp-Spears
featuring Aidan Hughes and Scarlett Mackenna

Bull’s Eye
by Shanta Parasuraman, directed by Katie Ciszek
featuring Stephanie Wilson and Gabby Wolfe

There Is No Hope In The City of Chaos
by Elizabeth Ung, directed by Paige Washington
featuring Sophia Colon Roosevelt, Natasha-lee Loyola Otero, and Jordan Ealey

Sticks and Stones
by Linda Bard, directed by Lisa Hodsoll
featuring Lily Warner, Chris Rios, Paz Lopez, and Craig Houk

by Lilian Oben, directed by Temidayo Amay
featuring Bryanda Minix and Skye Ellis

Freedom Comes
by Billie Krishawn, directed by Goldie Patrick
featuring Patricia Dugueye and Preshona Ghose

Pigeon Trap
by Ruthie Rado, directed by Momo Nakamura
featuring Shubhangi Kuchibhotla, Jasmine Brooks, Andrew Teye, and Linda Bard


Fire & Spice
featuring Shayla Lowe, Linda Bard, Sarah Anne Sillers, Katie Rey Bogdan, Sally Horton, Angelica Miguel, Rebecca Ballinger, Alice Squeglia, Simone Brown, and Adelina Mitchell, music directed by Tiffany Underwood Holmes, drums by John Guido, bass by Matt Carroll

Playwright in Residence Series, featuring Brandon McCoy

directed by Cate Brewer

Getting In
directed by Matt Ripa

A Band in Search of a Name (a musical)
directed by Ricky Drummond

New Works Staged Readings

Up the Ladder, Down the Slide
by David Valdes Greenwood, directed by Josh Sticklin

by Rachel Bublitz, directed by Josh Sticklin

Little Wars
by Graziella Jackson, directed by Josh Sticklin

WOMXN on Fire Festival
10-Minute Plays

Got a Light?
by Jean Koppen, directed by Angelica Miguel

Now Casting
by Lilian Oben, directed by Moriamo Temidayo Akibu

Farewell Jupiter
by Jennifer Knight, directed by Kelsey Yudice

What It Means to Choke
by Graziella Jackson, directed by Sally Horton

By the Hand of a Woman
by Jennifer Clements, directed by Paige Washington

That’s Not What Happened
by Rebecca Talisman, directed by Chelsea Radigan

One-Act Plays

by Cara Gabriel, directed by Megan Thrift

Writer’s Block
by Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi, directed by Jasmine Hall

by Rachel Rios, directed by Lynn Sharp Spears

Self Portrait with Dirty Hair
by Jordan Ealey, directed by Manna-Symone Middlebrooks


Fire & Spice
featuring Linda Bard, Bianca Lipford, Shayla Lowe, Rachel Barlaam, Chani Wereley, Amanda Leigh Corbett, Jordan Lee, Lauren Farnell, Stephanie Wilson, and Sally Horton, music directed by Tiffany Underwood Holmes

Hard Times
featuring Chani Werely

American Bitch
featuring Beatrice Owens

New Works Staged Readings

Reason for Return
by DC Cathro, directed by Josh Sticklin

Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks
by Darren Donohue, directed by Josh Sticklin

From Gumbo to Mumbo
(co-produced with Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA)
by Drew Anderson and Dwayne Lawson-Brown, directed by Duane Richards

Fabulous Monsters
written by Diana Burbano with music collaboration by Moises Vazquez, directed by Cara Gabriel

by Suzanne Willett, directed by Josh Sticklin

WOMXN on Fire Festival
10-Minute Plays

What to Do When You’re Suicidal But You Can’t Fight Fascists When You’re Dead
by Natalie Ann Piegari, directed by Mitu Tiwari Raphael

by Graziella Jackson, directed by Amy Hard

I Don’t Know What’s Weird
by Olivia Haller, directed by Clancey Yovanovich

Pen and Paper
by Elizabeth Crino, directed by Medha Marsten

Women Wear White
by Lindsay Adams, directed by Ashleigh King

Here Again
by Shanta Parasuraman, directed by Aria Velz

Full-Length Solo Shows

by Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi, directed by Danielle A. Drakes
featuring Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi

The Vagina Monologues
by Eve Ensler, directed by Dorothy Neumann
featuring Elaine Faye

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