Boiler Room Series

2018-19 Boiler Room Series Season

Playwright in Residence Series

As part of a new initiative to showcase more works by exciting emerging playwrights, BRS presents the inaugural Playwright in Residence Series. During the world premiere run of WEST BY GOD (playing Sep 27 – Oct 20) on the mainstage, BRS will produce readings of additional new works by local playwright and company member Brandon McCoy. Join us for the first three Saturday afternoons in October – readings are free and open to all and will be followed by discussions with the playwright.

October 5 @ 3:00 pm
TANNER directed by Cate Brewer

October 12 @ 3:00 pm
GETTING IN directed by Matt Ripa

October 19 @ 3:00 pm
A BAND IN SEARCH OF A NAME (a musical) directed by Ricky Drummond

Past BRS Staged Readings

New Works Staged Readings

Up the Ladder, Down the Slide
by David Valdes Greenwood, directed by Josh Sticklin

by Rachel Bublitz, directed by Josh Sticklin

Little Wars
by Graziella Jackson, directed by Josh Sticklin

WOMXN on Fire Festival
10-Minute Plays

Got a Light?
by Jean Koppen, directed by Angelica Miguel

Now Casting
by Lilian Oben, directed by Moriamo Temidayo Akibu

Farewell Jupiter
by Jennifer Knight, directed by Kelsey Yudice

What It Means to Choke
by Graziella Jackson, directed by Sally Horton

By the Hand of a Woman
by Jennifer Clements, directed by Paige Washington

That’s Not What Happened
by Rebecca Talisman, directed by Chelsea Radigan

One-Act Plays

by Cara Gabriel, directed by Megan Thrift

Writer’s Block
by Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi, directed by Jasmine Hall

by Rachel Rios, directed by Lynn Sharp Spears

Self Portrait with Dirty Hair
by Jordan Ealey, directed by Manna-Symone Middlebrooks


Fire & Spice
featuring Linda Bard, Bianca Lipford, Shayla Lowe, Rachel Barlaam, Chani Wereley, Amanda Leigh Corbett, Jordan Lee, Lauren Farnell, Stephanie Wilson, and Sally Horton, music directed by Tiffany Underwood Holmes

Hard Times
featuring Chani Werely

American Bitch
featuring Beatrice Owens

New Works Staged Readings

Reason for Return
by DC Cathro, directed by Josh Sticklin

Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks
by Darren Donohue, directed by Josh Sticklin

From Gumbo to Mumbo
(co-produced with Keegan PLAY-RAH-KA)
by Drew Anderson and Dwayne Lawson-Brown, directed by Duane Richards

Fabulous Monsters
written by Diana Burbano with music collaboration by Moises Vazquez, directed by Cara Gabriel

by Suzanne Willett, directed by Josh Sticklin

WOMXN on Fire Festival
10-Minute Plays

What to Do When You’re Suicidal But You Can’t Fight Fascists When You’re Dead
by Natalie Ann Piegari, directed by Mitu Tiwari Raphael

by Graziella Jackson, directed by Amy Hard

I Don’t Know What’s Weird
by Olivia Haller, directed by Clancey Yovanovich

Pen and Paper
by Elizabeth Crino, directed by Medha Marsten

Women Wear White
by Lindsay Adams, directed by Ashleigh King

Here Again
by Shanta Parasuraman, directed by Aria Velz

Full-Length Solo Shows

by Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi, directed by Danielle A. Drakes
featuring Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi

The Vagina Monologues
by Eve Ensler, directed by Dorothy Neumann
featuring Elaine Faye

Turning up the Heat for New Voices

The Boiler Room Series at Keegan, named after the old boiler room of the pre-renovation Keegan Theatre, is a bold programming initiative that focuses on the development of new works and the producing of unique performances.

The name speaks to the two-part mission: crank up the artistic heat on new works in progress and let loose the creative voices of tomorrow’s theatre.

Since its founding, Keegan has always been a supporter and producer of new works. In addition to fully producing 17 World Premieres, Keegan has workshopped many new works and played a critical developmental role in dozens of others. The Boiler Room Series amplifies those efforts by actively seeking artists and projects in international, national, and local searches for new plays and musicals.

And when it comes to producing innovative and bold theatre – Keegan is no stranger. By offering support and a stage for unique performances and performers, Keegan’s Boiler Room Series promotes the creative edge that’s driving theatre in DC and beyond to new and unexpected places.


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