Young Irish Actors

Our flight landed in Dublin Sunday morning September 4, but no one felt like we had really arrived in Ireland until Brad Smith walked into our rehearsal space on Wednesday afternoon, to a thunderous ovation from his fellow cast members.  The official explanation for Delta’s refusal to allow Brad to board our flight in Atlanta was that his passport had been taped to secure all of the pages.


Somehow a full week has gone by since we arrived, and all of a sudden opening night is just hours away.  It’s been thrilling to get to know the magnificent city of Galway and to work in beautiful Town Hall Theater where we will be performing for the next several days.

The highlight of the trip for me was Monday afternoon when we met the 4 young Irish women who joined us for the Galway run of the show. One of the most exciting features of our Ireland trip is the opportunity to work with young Irish actors in each city on the tour.  They will be performing the roles of the young girls who conspire with Abigail to accuse townspeople of witchery.

4 Irish Actors

Eva and Nicole and Karen and Sarah are such consummate professionals; it’s been inspiring to watch them work.  They come every day on time, come totally prepared, and are completely focussed on their work throughout each rehearsal. One of the most educational and joyful experiences for me as an actor is to watch my colleagues work and evolve in their roles during the rehearsal process.  To see these 4 young women in action is such a privilege and a treat.

Rob Weinzimer (Francis Nurse)