A Letter to Mom

September 12th, 2011

Galway, Ireland

Dear Mom,

My Director, Susan, asked if she could publish this letter on the Keegan website blog, so I will save my usual profanity-laced tirades for the next letter.

The Ireland Tour is going great, if great is measured by the quantity of Guinness I’ve consumed.  So far, I’ve enjoyed pints in The Crane, Roisen Dubh, The Kings Head, The Cellar, and Monroe’s, but I spend most of my free time in a great pub called Neactain’s, right on Quay Street not too far from the Spanish Arch.  I’m keeping track and have set a goal to drink 100 pints during my stay here because you always taught me it’s important to have goals.

The primary hindrance to achieving that goal is the reason I am actually here; The Crucible.  I have spent long hours at the theater this first week rehearsing and helping out with lights and the set.  I’m so honored to be working with such a talented cast; the show is nothing short of spectacular when I’m not on stage.

I miss my Karen terribly, of course, but we “Skype” every day.  Skype is a video call over the internet, where we can see and hear each other. You don’t need to know anything more about that.  Please don’t ask.  I did tell her about the Galway Hookers.  They are absolutely beautiful, even when they’re tied up.  I’ll try to get in one and take some pictures.

We have an Icelander (or is it Icelandian?) – let’s say a man from Iceland in the cast!  His name is Kjartan Thorarinsson and he is a tall, ferocious-looking man with a big blond beard.  Everybody calls him KJ, but I call him The Viking.  Here’s a picture of him with Mike O’Halloran, our Lighting Designer. 

The Viking will come in very handy when we sack a small to medium-sized coastal village on our way to Cork.  We’ll have the element of surprise because, instead of invading from the sea in long boats, we’ll arrive by land in the intimidating Keegan Theatre Microbus.  In between the Beserking and the Marauding, I will look for a nice gift for you.

Also in the cast are four local girls who have amazed us all with their talent and how quickly they’ve come up to speed.  We are employing a different set of girls, all recruited from the local drama schools, in each of the three towns where we are performing.  Here’s a picture of our Galway Girls:

I know I promised you I’d go to Mass every day, but I’m having trouble finding a Catholic Church here in Ireland.  I will keep looking.

When I’m not looking for a church or rehearsing or in a pub, I am busking!  Busking is when you play your guitar and sing right out on the street with a hat for people to give you tips.  I’m using Uncle Joe’s (R.I.P.) Irish walking hat for luck.  So far, I’m making 4 or 5 Euros ($6-7) about every half hour.  That sounds good, but most of that is from my cast mates passing by and taking pity on me.

Tonight is opening night, so I best be off and get ready, which for me means taking a nap.  Give my regards to my brothers and sister (who seldom, if ever, write you letters) if you see any of them, which you probably won’t because they rarely visit you either.