DC Theatre Scene: Cuchullain

Those fortunate enough to catch Keegan’s world premiere of Jenkinson’s previous play Basra Boy last year will find a close sibling in Cuchullain. Once again, [Josh] Sticklin is the single, high-endurance performer, and Abigail Isaac returns to direct.

“…the level of energy Sticklin and Isaac hit together is once again powerful and dynamic…Sticklin never lets the energy lag or the aerobics get sloppy”

Isaac…parses the script with the focus owed to a musical score, demonstrating sharp work from second to second throughout the show. She triumphs in her collaboration with Sticklin, who brings the power and precision of a coiled spring to every little tweak, flick, and skip that makes Aaron such an inexhaustible adventurer.

Sticklin’s pantomime, his many moments of portraying multiple characters, and his lusty hold on the dialect keep it fun even as Jenkinson’s script teeters nicely at moments on the brink of utter darkness.

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