Washington City Paper: Cuchullain

Cuchullain is the third effort by Belfast playwright Rosemary Jenkinson to make its world premiere at Keegan Theatre since 2010, and it reunites actor Josh Sticklin with director Abigail Isaac—the same duo that staged Jenkinson’s Basra Boy at the Keegan 16 months ago. Where that show had Sticklin playing something like a dozen parts, here he occupies a single character: Nineteen-year-old Aaron is a perpetually high wastrel who lives with his mother.

It’s lively stuff, and Sticklin is an athletic marvel, bounding around the stage and leaping up and down from its sixish-foot secondary platform so often that my knees started to hurt. He even has a bracing fight scene, which isn’t something you expect of a solo show. (The fight choreography is by Kyle Encinas.)