DC Metro Theater Arts: A Couple of Blaguards

You take the high road and I’ll take the low road and we’ll meet at The Keegan Theatre for their production of A Couple of Blaguards.

Director Colin Smith works with company member Timothy Hayes Lynch and Robert Leembruggen to bring these two Irish brothers to life upon the stage.

Lynch takes on the role of Frank McCourt who in  many of the anecdotes plays the younger version of his character while his partner plays the adult figure, be it priest, school teacher or relative. When he narrates the story you hang on his every word as he speaks slowly and with great enthusiasm as if he not only loves the story but truly wants you to share it with the audience.

Leembruggen masters his role as Malachy McCourt and has a rich sweet Irish tenor sound to his voice, leading several of the folk songs that they end up singing together throughout the piece. It’s moments like these that make for a particularly captivating performance from Leembruggen.

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