DC Theatre Scene: A Couple of Blaguards

The Keegan Theatre’s A Couple of Blaguards is an oasis of madcap, guilt-free fun in the midst of a DC fall season that usually emphasizes high-seriousness or more substantial fare.

A show like Blaguards always depends on the wit and skillful comic timing that drives things forward and builds the laughs. Things launch at a manic pace and keep on going in this Keegan production, which is deftly steered by director Colin Smith. More fortuitous still was the choice of casting Timothy Hayes Lynch and Robert Leembruggen as Frank and Malachy McCourt, respectively. The pair has already developed an easy rapport, key to making this production work. As the actors in Blaguards portray not only the McCourts on stage but also slip into a variety of additional character roles, they need to have a well-honed actors’ toolkit as well, and Lynch and Leembruggen certainly do.

An added plus: both thespians can also sing, particularly Leembruggan,whose sweet but slightly waning Irish tenor propels many of the humorous and poignant tunes that slip in among the stories as the evening progresses.

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