The Hoya: A Couple of Blaguards

“A Couple of Blaguards” is a two-man comedy written by brothers Frank (author of Angela’s Ashes) and Malachy McCourt. Drawing from their own experiences, the brothers first explore the trials of growing up poor in Limerick, Ireland. Never leaving time for a dull moment, they reminisce about everything from religion to family to Irish culture.

The plot of “Blaguards” progresses in a series of vignettes. The two actors impersonate everyone from priests to grandmothers, quickly switching from character to character. These hilarious portrayals, partnered with the script’s quick wit, make “Blaguards” the perfect comedy. In the two-hour production, it was rare for three minutes to pass without the audience bursting into laughter.

The production’s ambiance is essential for its success.  There is no flashy lighting or sound effects; the set is minimal. This simplicity adds a homey feel, or perhaps an Irish pub feel, in which to spend time reminiscing. “Blaguards” feels less like a production and more like brothers telling stories to old friends; it is casual and intimate. Suddenly, the audience is clapping along to Irish melodies and cheering the brothers on, and when the actors break character, you feel like you’re in on the joke.

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