DC Metro Theater Arts: All My Sons

This production very strongly emphasizes the pattern of having each of the main characters living out illusions with fervent, almost rigid conviction – in order to evade the reality, stress and truth of their lives. It certainly seems as if the astute Director, Susan Marie Rhea, has focused on this.

As the protagonist and accused Father, Joe Keller, Kevin Adams creates a memorable and tragic character. As the idealistic son who wants to believe in his father no matter what he hears, Kevin Hasser is poignant and vulnerable. As the Mother, Kate Keller, Sheri S. Herren delivers a beautifully nuanced performance… The whole ensemble is uniformly excellent with Brianna Letourneau, and Bradley Foster Smith standing out.

Sound Design by Tony Angelini is marvelous… Lighting Design by Stephanie P. Freed is evocative. The Costume Design by Erin Nugent is particularly impressive with some very interesting and edgy costume choices.

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