caberet-43-EditIf there’s one thing Keegan Theatre usually does well, it is delivering quality renditions of known and lesser-known musicals. The small yet ambitious company’s current production of Cabaret, with solid direction by Christina A. Coakley and Michael Innocenti, is certainly no exception.

Paul Scanlan is definitely charismatic enough to pull off the crucial role of the Emcee and his strong singing is equally matched by impeccable lyric interpretation and strong chemistry with everyone sharing his scenes. Heart-breaking, thoughtful, wistful – it’s pretty much perfect.

Maria Rizzo’s Sally Bowles is zany, playfully eccentric, and hyper; she exudes charisma and is able to display a range of purposeful emotions at the drop of a hat without seeming too calculating.

….Michael Innocenti’s set and lighting design takes the best elements of the cozy and run-down Church Street Theater and makes it work so that the venue is transformed into the Kit Kat Club. With minimal scenery, we’re immediately transported to the iconic club with assistance from Shadia Hafiz’s costume design…and Jake Null’s sound design.

Strong choreography (Rachel Leigh Dolan) and music direction (John Michael d’Haviland) also contribute well to the success of the production. The seven piece orchestra delivers a fine professional and precise performance of Kander’s music….

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