Maryland Theatre Guide: Questions with Colin Smith

12 Angry Men-66-Edit-Edit-3How did you get interested in theatre?

I first became interested as a film student. I took a few acting classes to get a sense of the process and soon realized that I preferred the immediacy of live theatre to the calculated work of film. I have played sports my whole life and there was something similar in theatre that really grabbed me. It is the shared experience I think that gets me, not only with the audience but more immediately with your fellow actor. The listen/respond and act/react are the essence of both. There is little I have experienced that is quite as fulfilling as this type of cooperation.

You have been a director and a performer for many productions at Keegan Theatre. What are some of your favorite productions that you have worked on at Keegan Theatre? 

Well one of my favorites is definitely August Osage County from last season. Some other acting favorites are Glengarry Glen RossNoises Off, and Translations, but wow there were so many others. I’ll just leave it at that. As far as directing I would say Laughter on the 23rd Floorand A Couple of Blaguards were both amazing experiences. I guess I like the comedies. It was very exciting seeing what these wonderful actors would bring into rehearsal everyday.

Can you please tell us where we can see your acting and directing work next?

Well that question follows nicely. My next show is The Hampton Years at Theatre J directed by Shirley Serotsky. After that I will be in Neverwhere with Rorschach.

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