MD Theatre Guide: The Full Monty

monty_postcard_web feature…there’s a reason The Full Monty is still one of the most popular musicals in the country. Somehow a play about a group of out of shape steel mill workers turned exotic dancers is oddly relatable and laugh out loud funny.

The stage itself is mostly bare, save for a chair here, a table there allowing the space for choreographer, Ashleigh King’s dance numbers to shine. Erin Nugent’s costume designs also help [the finale] finish strong; No strip scene would be complete without men dressed as cops in good old black and blue.

As Jerry, the leader of “Hot Metal,” Kurt Boehm is perfect as the blue collar everyman with a son he’ll do anything for. As Dave, Matthew Dewberry is endearing as Jerry’s chubby wingman who is self-conscious about his weight and clueless as to how to fix his stalled marriage.

John Loughney is the perfect Malcolm…Michael Innocenti is equally terrific as Ethan, the clan’s resident klutz and Malcolm’s biggest ally.

As Harold, Charlie Abel offers a pleasant lightness to the group of six. As Horse, [Patrick] Doneghy breathes a boatload of pep into the first act during his performance of “Big Black Man.”

That said the supporting cast is no less talented and adept…Rena Cherry Brown steals the show as Jeanette, the flask-wielding, raspy voiced pianist with a grab bag of risqué one-liners at her disposal.