DC Theatre Scene: Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole 680X403[Kerri] Rambow’s measured, understated production is gentle and honest, building a seamless progression of tone and tension. The play never takes the lazy drop into mawkishness. Characters are fully fleshed out, the relationships feel authentic, and the precarious see-saw between pathos and humor is handled ably.

Portraying Becca, Susan Marie Rhea is a standout. Along with the script, she is the reason to see this play. She’s a constant, never wavering in authenticity as she leads or reacts to others. Becca’s fragility is evident; a lesser performance might carry over into shrillness, but Susan Rhea’s natural warmth allows her the anger and frustration of the character.

Lindsay-Abaire’s script is a gem, leavened with grace and wit. His trademarks—humor, honesty, nuance, originality—are all on display and finely directed by The Keegan Theatre’s Kerri Rambow.”

Shayna Blass as sister Izzy and Linda High as mother Nat are both strong in supporting roles, especially High, who knocks the script’s laugh-out-loud funny moments out of the park while at the same time conveying experience and empathy.