The Washington Post: Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole 680X403The winner of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Drama (and the inspiration for a 2010 movie), “Rabbit Hole” is set in a well-to-do home in Larchmont, N.Y. In the Keegan rendering, the place is all tasteful, tidy modernism, with peach-colored walls, angular black furniture and a granite kitchen counter. (4Points Design Collective created the two-story set.)

Astutely directed by Kerri Rambow, and featuring Susan Marie Rhea and Mark A. Rhea as the Corbetts, the production gets commendable mileage from understatement, physical distances and telling pauses as it paints a portrait of grief and survival after enormous loss.”

The Rheas (who are married) make effective use of tense, bruised, stoical intonations and body language, tempered by flaring bitterness…Shrewdly positioned by Rambow in various parts of the roomy set, Becca and Howie often look as separated from each other as they evidently feel.

[Shayna] Blass’s fidgety, sarcastic Izzy, clad in quirky bohemian attire, enlivens scenes and provides welcome comic relief while rounding out the picture of frustrating family dynamics. (Kelly Peacock designed the costumes.) [Linda]High’s gabby but stolid Nat is appropriately layered with flakiness and resignation.

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