MD Theatre Guide: Rabbit Hole

RH3Susan Marie Rhea in particular shines as Becca, towing beautifully and tragically the line between inner pain and outer fury without coming off as either too weak or too acerbic. She clashes with her slightly eccentric mother Nat, played with welcome comic skill and subtle tenderness by Linda High, over their respective grieving strategies in a scene ripped right out of the living room of so many other grief-stricken families.

…Particular praise must be given to the 4Point Design Collective and the work they did on the set design…It is aesthetically pleasing and impressive, particularly when placed in the still very warehouse-like Keegan Theatre where the audience feels like a natural extension of Becca and Howie’s cozy brick walled home.

The pressure is high, but director Kerri Rambow and her team at Keegan are able to do tremendous justice to the much praised script.”

RH2One of the most compelling aspects of theater is that it gives us a window into the private, dealing with situations and experiences that many can remember going through but might not be able to address directly. Rabbit Hole fulfills that objective marvelously, and the cast and crew of Keegan should be proud of the work they put into making sure of that.

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