Rabbit Hole

RH1I could go on and on about how the design elements are among the most professional and refined I’ve seen at Keegan – particularly 4Point Design Collective’s set that perfectly captures an upper-middle class modern house in the New York City suburbs – but let’s just get to the heart of what makes this show one to see.

Under the direction of resident company member Kerri Rambow, Susan Marie Rhea gives a phenomenal performance as Becca, a mother still reeling from the unexpected and accidental loss of her four year-old son Danny almost a year ago.”

Ms. Rhea, who has given many exceptional performances at Keegan, rises to the occasion and then some. Giving what I consider to be one of the best acting performances this season, she embodies a grieving mother from start to finish without crossing over into melodramatic territory…She’s subtle without being too internal and emotional without going too far over the edge so that the scene becomes unintentionally campy. She’s always present and effective even in the many silent moments. Likewise, her chemistry with fellow company members – a necessity in a family-centric drama – makes her portrayal all the more believable and resonant.

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