BWW Reviews: A Few Good Men

p1751546884-o252978308-5Brianna Letourneau brings a strong sense of duty and focus to the crusading Commander [Joanne] Galloway. As her foil and eventual co-counsel, Maboud Ebrahimzadeh steps up to the plate and hits a home run as Lt. Kaffee, and not just in the softball scene. Ebrahimzadeh inhabits Kaffee’s complex skin – flippant, smart, charming, and irritating – with ease.

The Marine officers of Guantanamo deliver commanding performances, as well. Kevin Adams is fine as the morally challenged Lt. Colonel Markinson, while Jonathan Feuer has a field day with the zealot Lt. Kendrick.

As defense co-council Weinberg, Keegan member Michael Innocenti lightens the proceedings when needed, while Bradley Foster Smith is convincing as prosecutor Capt. Jack Ross.”

No such wavering of conscience exists in Col. Nathan Jessep…With a wicked sense of humor barely masking a crazy-like-a-fox demeanor, Jessep can quote Melville and dress down a Marine in practically the same breathe. Keegan founder and artistic director Mark A. Rhea is a flinty and squinty son-of-bitch as Jessep. Rhea masterfully peels away Jessep’s strong defenses, building to an electrically charged courtroom showdown.

p1841153058-o252978308-5Nathaniel Mendez shows the complex fragility of Pfc. Santiago, who dies as a result of the Code Red disciplinary action. As the defendants standing trial, Jon Hudson Odom and Adi Stein inhabit the roles of Corporal Dawson and Private Downey with compelling skill.

With swift pacing and military precision, Jeremy Skidmore keeps production building to the climatic court martial. Skidmore’s direction is a perfect match for the impressive scenic design by Steven Royal which incorporates a fallen American flag motif. The shifts of perspective and use of the entire stage and audience space helps draw the audience into the intriguing story.

As theatrically surprising as the staging and set design can be, Chelsey Schuller’s costumes earn a salute for looking thoroughly authentic, fatigues to dress whites.

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