MD Theatre Guide: The Woman in Black

Woman In Black, Production-274Mr. Kipps, played with delightful energy by[Robert] Leembruggen, has hired a professional actor, played vivaciously by [Matthew] Keenan, to help him recite his 5-hour autobiographical ghost story to his friends and family.  He hopes that by retelling the story he will somehow be able to leave it behind: perhaps, his Freudian therapist suggested this treatment for “hauntings;” for it is never explained why he would think such a thing.

With two first rate performances by Matthew Keenan and Robert Leembruggen, and some slick stagecraft by co-director and scenic designer Colin Smith, the challenges of a theatrical horror story are overcome.”

Woman In Black, Production-457Co-directed by Mark A. Rhea and Colin Smith, the show’s pace is spot-on, with Smith’s scenic design fitting appropriately into the Church Street Theater’s dusty interior.  Lighting designer Michael Innocenti has done an excellent job controlling the focus of the show, and designer Kelly Peacock’s costumes are as Gothic as they need to be.

A special congratulations needs to go to sound designer Tony Angelini.  His scary sounds and modulated voices were the real fright of the night.

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