BroadwayWorld: The Best Man

IMG_4087Kevin Adams, as President Hockstader, steals the show. His lines evoked huge laughs, and his portrayal only got better as the show progressed. Colin Smith portrays Joseph Cantwell superbly as a fantastically reckless competitor, who, as an audience member, you are afraid of but strangely okay with liking. The same can be said for Susan Marie Rhea’s performance as his wife, Mabel. She is sassy and hilarious, and brings a new energy to the show from the first moment she yells at the television.

Co-directors Christina A. Coakley and Timothy H. Lynch, along with scenic designer Michael Innocenti, have given the audience a calmly ambient show, centered around the performances.”

IMG_3980The remaining cast members all play their parts with aplomb. Michael Innocenti delivers as Sheldon Marcus, a witness to Cantwell’s potential political doom, and Rena Cherry Brown is delightful as national committee chairwoman Sue-Ellen Gamadge.

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