MD Theatre Guide: The Best Man

IMG_4604 (1)Keegan’s production, directed wisely by Timothy H. Lynch and Christina A Coakley, focuses on the script’s carefully crafted action; its characters remain grounded, preferring to let the dialogue wow us with its insight, foresight, and continuing legacy.

Going into the Convention with a lead in the polls, despite his proclivity to make obscure references to Oliver Cromwell and the like, Russell confronts his chief nemesis Joe Cantwell, played with a slick nastiness by Colin Smith.

Standing above all this is former President Arthur Hockstader, played with charming Southern sense by Kevin Adams.”

IMG_3980To counter Cantwell’s dirty tricks, Russell’s campaign manager, Dick Jensen (played with wise-cracking ease by Stan Shulman), uncovers his own bit of dirt on Cantwell…Former soldier Sheldon Marcus is ushered in to tell the tale, played with an appropriate mixture of awe and fear by Michael Innocenti.

Sheri Herren plays Alice Russell with a pitch perfect Barbara Bush steadfastness, albeit one with a slightly thinner skin.  Cantwell’s wife Mabel, on the other hand, is all crass and vindictiveness, and as played by Susan Marie Rhea the vision will make your skin crawl.

The production team does a solid job, with Innocenti also doing the scenic design, Erin Nugent costumes, and Katie McCreary lights.  Sound design was by Dan Deiter.

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