The Connacht Tribune: A Few Good Men


The line ‘you can’t handle the truth’, as famously snarled by Jack Nicholson playing Colonel Jessep in the award-winning 1992 film, A Few Good Men, has become the one of the most famous movie quotes of all times.

Now, the original stage version is coming to Galway’s Town Hall Theatre in a production by Washington DC’s Keegan Theatre Company, who are on their 13th visit to the City venue. They are performing A Few Good Men in memory of the Town Hall’s late Manager, Michael Diskin.

When Irish people think of Guantanamo Detention Centre, we tend to think of those people held there as part of America’s ‘War on Terror’, which involved rendition flights into Shannon Airport. But its history is much older than that, as Keegan founder Mark Rhea, who plays Col Jessep in this production, explains.

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